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Before you can download the contract, please read the terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • You possess a valid credit card from MASTERCARD or VISA
  • Subscription is for a minimum period of 12 months.
  • You are aware that your first subscription fee (after the1st month) to Sky is one month in advance  (2 monthly payments)
  • Applicant is responsible that there are enough funds on his/her credit card account. If there is not enough credit to pay the monthly subscription fee the card will be deactivated. A fee will be needed to reactivate the card.
  • Cancellation of subscriptions is not permitted within the first 12 month subscription period.
  • Six weeks prior notice must be given to skyDiGibox so it can negotiate cancellation with Sky, otherwise the annual viewing card management fee will be automatically debited from your credit card.
  • That you agree to return the viewing card to skyDiGibox when your Sky viewing card subscription cancellation takes place, otherwise subscription payments to Sky will continue.
  • That you have authorized us (skyDiGibox) to provide your credit card details to our UK Sky agents and permit them to charge your Credit Card account for the six monthly viewing card renewal/management fee £80.00, per subscription viewing card, after the first year. (price subject to change).
  • You are aware that our UK Sky agent has stated that “viewing cards will be automatically cancelled for customers who claw back the annual viewing card renewal/management fees on their Credit Card”!!
  • That you have authorized us to permit our UK supplier to charge your Credit Card account for services requested, by you, through skyDiGibox.
  • That you have authorized skyDiGibox to apply for a UK registered Sky viewing card
    You are aware that you cannot apply to Sky for Sky Go yourself.
  • You are aware that Sky Go can only be applied for by you the customer, via skyDiGibox.
  • For all transactions, questions or problems concerning your subscription you agree to contact skyDiGibox only.
  • You agree that skyDiGibox can act on your behalf for Sky subscription services such as change of subscription or problems with Viewing Card, etc.
  • skyDiGibox can arrange any Sky service available, but you must NOT contact Sky in the UK or the card will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund.
  • skyDiGibox cannot be held responsible for the cancellation of the viewing card due to direct contact between client and “BskyB”.
  • You have a digital satellite system capable of receiving signals from ASTRA 2 on 28.2°
  • Before placing an order  you have to make sure that there are no restrictions (tree, building, electricity cables etc.) for placing the satellite dish in a south easterly direction, the general rule of thumb is to be able to place the dish somewhere where the sun can shine directly on it between 11 am and 01 pm.
  • You are aware that the Sky digibox does not support DiSeq (DiSeq is used by some satellite systems to switch between different LNBs)
  • All products & services which you order from skyDiGibox automatically bind you to the terms and conditions of this contract.
    skyDiGibox cannot be held responsible if “BskyB” decide to raise or change their subscriptions and policies.
  • skyDiGibox reserve the right to increase subscriptions in line with any future Subscription increase imposed by “BSyB” (Sky Television)
  • skyDiGibox cannot be held responsible, or liable, if “BSkyB” deactivates your Sky viewing card and cancels your sky account for any reason imposed by Sky
  • skyDiGibox reserve the right to increase the annual viewing card renewal/management fee in line with any change of policy, valuta, or price increase, imposed by the UK Sky agent of Sky or BSkyB
  • Note; to view HD you need compatable HD ready TV.
  • Guarantee on the hardware is 12 months providing you have retained the original packaging (box).
  • You are aware of British Sky Broadcasting Limited “BSkyB” terms and conditions


The terms and conditions do not apply to the Freesat viewing system except for:
**the guarantee on the hardware is 12 months
**the terms and conditions printed in ITALIC and Comic Sans.

Subscription Agreement consist of 5 (five) pages.