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Before you can download the contract, please read the terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

By taking out a Sky Go subscription, you agree to have read and understood the following:

  • You possess a valid credit card from MASTERCARD or VISA
  • Subscription is for a minimum period of 2 months
  • Applicant is responsible that there are enough funds on his/her credit card account. If there is not enough credit to pay the monthly subscription fee the Sky Go application will be deactivated.
  • One month prior notice must be given to skyDiGibox to negotiate cancellation, of your Sky Go subscription.
  • That you have authorized us (skyDiGibox) to provide your credit card details to our UK Sky agents and permit them to charge your Credit Card account for the monthly subscriptions.
  • You are aware that there is an annual fee of €24,00.
  • You are aware that the monthly Sky Go subscription fee is £20.00.
  • You are aware that skyDiGibox clients receive a 50% discount (£10.00) on their Sky Go monthly subscription fee
  • You are aware that you need at least a 2-3M download speed on your devices
  • You are aware that you need a strong wifi connection for wireless reception
  • You are aware that only 2 (two) devices are allowed at a time, one device can be removed after 1 (one) month and used on a different device.
  • You are aware that you can only access the “Free” movies/programmes from Sky Store
  • You are aware that you cannot access pay per view movies/programmes.
  • That you have authorized us to permit our UK supplier to charge your Credit Card account for services requested, by you, through skyDiGibox
  • For all transactions, questions or problems concerning your subscription you agree to contact skyDiGibox only.
  • skyDiGibox can arrange most of the Sky Go services available if applicable, but you must NOT contact Sky in the UK otherwise your Sky Go subscription may be cancelled and you will not receive a refund.
  • skyDiGibox cannot be held responsible for the cancellation of the Sky Go service due to direct contact between client and Sky
  • All products & services which you order from skyDiGibox automatically bind you to the terms and conditions of this contract.
  • skyDiGibox cannot be held responsible, or liable, if our UK agents deactivate your Sky Go subscription account, with them, for any reason imposed by our UK agents.
  • skyDiGibox reserve the right to increase the annual and monthly Sky Go subscription fee in line with any change of policy, valuta, or price increase, imposed by our UK Sky agents.
  • You are aware of British Sky Broadcasting Limited “BSkyB” terms and conditions